Charlotte Pool Cleaning

All Pool Cleanings include the following levels of care:


  • Complete water chemistry analysis and balancing

  • Blowing of pool deck and surrounding area

  • Backwash and rinse filter (as needed)

  • Skim pool surface

  • Vacuum pool bottom

  • Brush pool walls (as needed)

  • Empty all baskets, skimmers/pumps, load chemical feeders

  • Check and inspect equipment for any problems

Charlotte Pool Inspections

Just moved into a new home with a pool? We’ll tell you exactly what you’re getting with your new pool: if its equipment is running properly, how long it will last before needing major repairs, if it has been maintained properly by its previous owner, and the cost of any repairs that need attention.

Charlotte Pool Filter Service

We service all filter types. Not sure how often yours need to be serviced?

  • Cartridge Filters – The size of your cartridge determines how often these should be cleaned.

  • D.E. Filters – You must have these professionally cleaned at least once a year for them to be at their highest performance

Charlotte Pool Repairs
  • Pumps

  • Motors

  • Heaters

  • Salt systems

Just about anything related to your pool!

Charlotte Pool Openings and Closings

When opening or closing your pool, we inspect and ensure that the water is balanced and that all pumps, motors and filters are working properly.