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Duke Energy Trade Ally

Residential Pool Pump Rebate Program

Offered to Raleigh & Charlotte DE customers

If you have a single-speed pool pump, or your pump is more than seven years old, installing an ENERGY STAR® qualified variable-speed pool pump will help you lower your monthly bills and use less energy. And, we’ll help you pay for it.

When you install an ENERGY STAR certified variable-speed pool pump:

  • You get a $300 rebate

  • It pays for itself in less than two years

  • You can save up to $340 each year in energy costs*

  • And it makes your pool cleaner, with less maintenance

Switching to a more energy-efficient pool pump can save you big

Did you know that inefficient, single-speed pool pumps account for up to 20% of a home’s total annual energy usage?* Only your central air conditioner uses more electricity in the summertime.

Cut your pool energy use in half by installing a variable-speed pool pump. With the Smart $aver® Pool Energy Efficiency Program, the benefits add up.

Reduce pool energy use by 50-70%

Why are variable-speed pool pumps so efficient? Variable-speed pool pumps work at the minimum speed necessary to clean your pool. This means they use less energy, make less noise, last longer and actually filter your water more thoroughly.

Eligibility requirements

  • You must be an electric service customer residing in a single-family residence with a new or existing in-ground swimming pool. Customers living in apartments and multifamily homes are not eligible at this time.

  • Your new variable-speed pool pump must be installed by a participating contractor and operable before you submit your rebate application.

  • Your participating contractor will fill out and submit the rebate application within 60 days of the installation. Once we receive it, you will get your rebate within four to six weeks.

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